How to create Pinterest Graphics that convert like Marie Forleo and Jenna Kutcher do!

Marie Forleo and Jenna Kutcher are using SC Stockshop and Social Squares images in some pretty strategic ways that YOU can to0...

Yeah, Facebook and Instagram advertising gets a lot of buzz these days but the smartest boss ladies we know are all about leveraging FREE marketing platforms with major results!

Their platform of choice? Pinterest!


Why you need to be marketing on Pinterest:

250 million people use Pinterest each month and those users aren't just scrolling! They come to Pinterest to learn, to find and buy useful products, to be inspired, to find helpful information and so much more.

Unlike a typical social platform, users come to Pinterest actively searching for what you have to offer whether that is information they need or a product they will love.

All you need to get more traffic to your site is the right combination of attention grabbing images and compelling explanatory text.

See what Marie Forleo did here?

Creating Pinterest Images with Styled Stock

The flip side to the exciting news about the popularity of Pinterest is that additionally, 1.5 million businesses are also on there. Meaning, the competition is thick!

Having high quality, professional, eye-catching images that resonate with your target audience is CRITICAL!

Here is where styled stock from the SC Stockshop & Social Squares can help! We have stunning images that can be overlaid with text to capture the attention of your audience on Pinterest! Powerhouse brands like Marie Forleo, Jenna Kutcher, and so many others are already doing this and seeing results with the same images you have access to!

Creating Pinterest Images with Styled Stock

That's right, you have access to the very same marketing images business owners Marie Forleo (who you know, hangs out with Oprah) and Jenna Kutcher use!

The BEST part is, it's crazy simple to do! Here are a few quick steps on how you can create stunning Pinterest images with styled stock!

How to create Pinterest marketing images with styled stock:

Step 1: Keep in mind that Pinterest is not a typical social platform. It operates instead like a search engine. This means you want to choose eye catching images and combine them with descriptive text like you would use in your blog posts (i.e. "5 Ways to Take Your Side Hustle Full Time").

Creating Pinterest Images with Styled Stock

Step 2: Choose the styled stock image that will resonate with (i.e attract) your target audience either from the SC Stockshop or through your Social Squares image subscription! Keep in mind that the bolder the image, the better.

Creating Pinterest Images with Styled Stock

Step 3: Add your text and any graphic design elements to your styled stock image using a free program like Canva or a program like Photoshop. Don't forget to include your website address on the image!

Creating Pinterest Images with Styled Stock

Tip: Check out our Canva tutorial or our Photoshop tutorial if you're feeling stuck, but Canva is crazy easy to use and has templates ready to drag and drop into!

Step 4: Pin your newly designed pin to Pinterest using SEO heavy language in the description (remember, Pinterest is a search engine)! We also recommend using a program like Tailwind to schedule your pin again over time so that it is constantly getting in front of fresh audiences!

Creating Pinterest Images with Styled Stock

Tip: For each post or product you want to promote, choose 2-3 coordinating images and create multiple pins that link back to the same content! This is a great way to make your content go further!

That's it! In 4 simple steps you can create Pinterest graphics that lead to direct sales, more newsletter sign-ups, better blog engagement and more...just like all the savvy #bossladies we featured here!

Creating Pinterest Images with Styled Stock

Trust us when we say, you are just as savvy and your brand is just as valuable as these brands we've featured! There is no reason you too can't make Pinterest work for you by using our styled stock!

So grab your own images from the SC Stockshop and Social Squares (just like these brands did) and get pinning!


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