Instagram Challenge Day 2 of 5!

We hope you caught day one of our 5 day social media challenge to be more intentional and strategic with your Instagram posts!  We are so excited about each day of this challenge because we aren't just teaching you how to gain followers, we are teaching tried and true business strategy and how it translates to social media to ensure that your posts are both authentic AND effective at building a profitable (and not just popular) brand!

Are you ready for day two!? Let's do this!

Quick marketing lesson today.

People don’t buy products or services. They buy solutions!

They don’t buy a set of workout DVDs (does anyone still use DVDs??) - they buy (or want to buy) a new body.

People don’t buy planners, they buy a more organized life!

Notice the difference?

The workout routine and DVD set is the actual product - but the reason people buy that kind of product is for the transformational power it contains. They don’t want to workout. They want to look in shape.

The planner is the product, but what people are really buying is a calm and less chaotic life.

How do YOU talk about your products or services on social media?

Do you focus on the features of your product? Or do you dive deep into the benefits your customers will receive when they purchase?

If you can do more of the latter, your business will skyrocket.

When it comes to marketing your product, your job is simple: show them how your product can make their life better.

So today’s challenge is simple, share one post that clearly articulates one powerful solution based benefit your product or service will give your audience if they buy.  (And do yourself a favor...once you Identify what you are really selling, write it on a sticky note and post it on your computer for future Instagram post writing!)

Use the hashtag #SCgetsSocial as you complete each day's challenge on Instagram and go encourage someone else by checking out the hashtag and leaving a few comments! We will be doing the same!


*UPDATE: if you are just joining us, don't worry! You can find the complete challenge here on the blog!

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