Instagram Challenge Day 3 of 5!

We are on day three of our 5 day social media challenge and we hope that you are feeling a bit more confident about creating intentional and effective content for social media! Remember, each of these principles can be used on repeat as you create content that has impact in your client's lives! Just hearing about this now?  No problem, you can find the Day One challenge here and the Day Two challenge here!

Let's get started! 

Day 3: Teach your audience something valuable.

If you think about it, our culture is obsessed with information.

Just look around and you’ll see everyone glued to their phones in search of learning something new.

Whether it’s just news about their favorite (or least favorite) celebrity, or it’s tips on how to dress better - people can’t get enough knowledge these days.

That’s because we value knowledge as a society.

And the brands and people who seem to have a lot of knowledge to offer are perceived as more credible, and therefore more worthy of our trust (and hard earned dollars).

So the trick for you and your brand is to become an educator. Now don’t freakout. You don’t need to become an “expert” on a topic or pump out 7 blog posts a week.

Make a habit of teaching your audience something valuable from time to time.

Valuable being the key word.

What is something your audience cares about? What is something that might actually help them or make their lives a little easier (or more fun)?

It doesn’t have to be earth shattering or revolutionary (as King Solomon put it 3,000 years ago “there is nothing new under the sun”).

But - it does have to be valuable to your audience.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

The result will be a grateful, more loyal audience that sees you as a helpful source of knowledge and ideas.

So today’s challenge is this: share one little tip or concept that might add value to your followers and brighten their day just a bit.

Use the hashtag #SCgetsSocial as you complete each day's challenge so we can follow along!

We will see you tomorrow for Day 4 - we are REALLY excited about this one!


*UPDATE: if you are just joining us, don't worry! You can find the complete challenge here on the blog!

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