Instagram Challenge Day 4 of 5!

There are only two days left of our 5 day Get Social Instagram Challenge and we are really excited about today's challenge because it is both easy to implement and VERY powerful for building a profitable brand! It's not too late to participate in Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of the challenge!  Now on to today's lesson in business strategy...

Day 4 Challenge: Create and Share Social Proof

Picture this: you’re in a new city on vacation and you’re looking for a good place to grab a bite to

Eat. How do you choose a restaurant? You jump on Yelp of course!

As you scroll through nearby restaurants you come across two Sushi places. One has an average of 4 stars and nearly 2,000 reviews. The other has an average of 4 stars also, but only 20 reviews.

Which one are you most likely to choose?

The first one of course! And the reason is clear - lots of people seem to go there, and like it!

This my friend is called social proof. And it’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow your business.

Simply put, people like to buy from brands that other people like to buy from. If other people like it, it must be good right?

Yelp, Amazon, and iTunes all use reviews as social proof for products.

But you can do this on social media as well.

All you need to do is share a little something about one of your customers or clients. Feature them and their success with your product or service.

The beautiful thing is that you get to focus on them, and not yourself. But in turn it shows how desirable of a brand you are!

So for your final task for this 5 day challenge I want you to share a post that features one of your customers or fans.

This could be a simple testimonial (a brief one or two line quote will do), a before or after story/example, or just a profile of one of your happy customers.

The point is simple: take the attention off of yourself and show your audience that other people like and use your product or service!

Do this on a regular basis and you’ll build up credibility and trust with your tribe!

Use the hashtag #SCgetsSocial as you complete each day's challenge so we can follow along!

We will see you tomorrow for our 5th and final Day of our Get Social challenge!


*UPDATE: if you are just joining us, don't worry! You can find the complete challenge here on the blog!

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