Free Heart Valentine's Styled Stock Images for Social Media from the SC Stockshop & Social Squares

For years now successful creative business owners and brands have come to the SC Stockshop for images to build their visual brand and marketing around. And now with the creation of Social Squares and the Stock Box Subscription we have leveled the playing field of social media marketing, ensuring that no creative business owner ever has to once again scramble for ANOTHER image to post to Instagram or Facebook!  

Social Squares is your endless supply of social media ready squares so that you can up-level your brand, grab their attention and build a follow worthy feed!

And today my friends, the SC Stockshop and Social Squares are bringing you a little something to help spread the love on social media this Valentine's Day with gorgeous floral and greenery styled hearts.

That's right, these styled stock heart images are FREE and for you!  They are our little way of saying thank you for your love and support of our shops!

Thank you for letting us help you increase profit, increase traffic to your site and grow your following with the use of our styled stock images!

Enjoy these free styled stock heart photos all through the Valentine's holiday and beyond.

Simply right click (or click and hold on mobile) to save and post on social media.  

We would LOVE to see which heart image you chose as your favorite - please tag us as @socialsquares so that we can see which one(s) you chose!!!!

Purple Floral Heart_Pantone Ultra Violet_Free styled stock photography


 Free styled stock floral hearts for valentines day for Instagram images

free Styled stock yellow floral heart images by Shay Cochrane for the SC Stockshop.
Free valentines floral styled stock heart valentines images for instagram
Floral styled hearts_shay cochrane_free styled stock photography
greenery floral styled heart image for instagram from Shay Cochrane_Floral styling


Pink valentines stock image_floral heart with valentines candy_free social media images

And there's more!  

We want you to stop wasting time looking for images to post to social and get back to what you are best at in your business SO we want to send you 20 completely free styled stock images from the SC Stockshop today!

Sound awesome?

Just tell us where you want those image sent to by entering your email address here.  We will also send out additional free SC Stockshop free styled stock images to you every month as well!

Best. Day. Ever!

Grab your 20 styled stock freebies here!

free styled stock images!


  • Diane Taylor

    These are just stunning! I love them all, but the last one with the candy is my fav! Thank you, happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Sheila

    These images are so beautiful! Now I’m inspired to make something nice out of these.

  • Amanda

    Love, Love, Love! Thank you SO much for the beautiful images!

  • Michelle

    Thank You! Are we allowed to apply a filter on these images so that they fit our brand?

  • Jacklyn

    These are gorgeous! My favorite is that last one with the candy sprinkled in. :)

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