How to use our SC Stockshop image sets to build a polished brand

If you've been an SC Stockshop Insider for awhile, you have probably heard us refer to Stockshop images as "images to build a brand around"...

But what exactly does that even mean and how does that help YOU?

You have your logo, you have your color palette, maybe you even have a "brand board" from your graphic designer but there is one thing that you are missing and that one thing can make or break your brand's first impression in the marketplace.

What's that one thing?

Your "brand imagery."

Well developed brands have a core set of branded imagery that visually represents the personality and polish of their brand alongside their other core design elements (think logos, patterns, color palettes).  These images are repeatedly used everywhere from their website and Facebook page to their social media account for a consistent and cohesive visual brand.

SC Stockshop images are shot in such a way (extra high resolution, polished and professional styling and perfectly crisp whites and colors) that a business can select a small set of images that correspond to their brand palette and use and reuse that same core set of images the same way they would use and share their other design elements to get noticed and establish themselves as the real deal. Literally "building their visual brand" around these image.

Make sense?

To show you exactly what we mean, today we want to give you a look at someone who is crushing it with their Stockshop image incorporation. You are going to notice right away how polishedprofessional and cohesive Emily Moore's brand is with the use of just FIVE images!

Emily purchased Our French Blue Brand Builder Set and we can't wait for you to see what she did with it. It will blow you away!

You ready?

how to use styled stock photography for your business

how to use styled stock photography for your business

Use styled stock photography to set the tone of your website by incorporating an SC Stockshop image as the main hero image on your homepage. Emily's brand immediately catches your eye, tells you she means business, and welcomes you in - all at once.

how do I use styled stock photography?

The wonderful thing about our Brand Builder is that you receive more than just one stunning image. Like Emily you can incorporate a similar, show-stopping image (or images) into your interior hero images. Let the SC Stockshop make every page on your site as stunning and strong as the next!

can I use stock photos on my website?

The thing that makes the SC Stockshop's styled stock photography different from all the other stock shops out there is our unparalleled image quality. You can zoom and crop any SC image into various ways to be used throughout your website. Just like Emily did here with her contact page! 

using styled stock photos from the SC Stockshop

Want to show off your work to potential clients? Our screen styled stock images are the perfect way to do just that! As a photo editor, using the screen image that came in her Brand Builder Set was the perfect way for Emily to show potential clients exactly what they would get when they hire her!

can you use stock photography for social media?

We believe that every touch point of your brand should be consistent. That's why we recommend incorporating your SC Stockshop styled stock images into your Facebook header! You want your clients to recognize your brand immediately when they run across it on social media. Emily incorporated her Brand Builder images throughout her Facebook profile and it makes all the difference!

how to build your brand with styled stock photography

Did you know that you can get at least 30 images variations from a single SC Stockshop image? Learn how to get the most out of your styled stock images and incorporate all of your new variations on Instagram to keep your feed looking polished and well branded!how to create Pinterest images from stock photos

Every Brand Builder Set comes with a vertical variation that we have hand selected for Pinterest! Use our vertical styled stock to create Pinterest-worthy graphics that lead to a boost in blog traffic! 

One Brand Builder Set = Stunning Visual Brand

With one Brand Builder Image Set, Emily immediately had all of the branding imagery she needed to create a strong, consistent brand presence in her market. Every touch point feels authentic and seamless so that clients easily flow through her brand experience. Her brand is strong and memorable. And the best part is, she was able to create all of this for less than $40 per image! 

We believe in the power of imagery to make or break a brand.

Stockshop clients like Emily have reported higher sales, increases in followers and newsletter subscribers, higher customer satisfaction and brand recognition and more confidence as business owners since incorporating Stockshop images into their visual brand.

You can too.


Pick out your Brand Builder Set!

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