New in the shop: Summer Styled Stock Images for Stationery Designers, Artists, Calligraphers and More!

New in the shop: Summer Styled Stock Images for Stationery Designers, Artists, Calligraphers and More!

new summer styled stock images from the SC Stockshop and MaeMae Co


We are so excited for our the release of our new summer MaeMae Co. +  SC Stockshop styled stock image collection sets! Earlier this year we teamed up with one of our favorite stylists, Megan Gonzalez of MaeMae Co. to create a whole new line of styled stock images specifically for stationery designers, calligraphers, artists, print designers, web designers and creative entrepreneurs! Trust us when we say this collection is even bigger and better than ever!

We created fourteen colorways that will launch throughout the year by season. Our Summer launch is now live and contains stock images in four stunning color choices: Citrus, Bright White, Buttercream and Lavender!

Not familiar with all of the amazing changes and additions we've made this year? Keep reading to find out which image type is best for you!

stationery suite styled stock photography from the SC Stockshop!

First up - our personal favorite, Stationery Suite Sets! These invitation suite styled stock sets come with three image downloads: an image with an invitation suite already styled in, the same image with negative space and no paper, and a psd file containing paper with smart objects for easy design insertion!

If you're a wedding stationery designer, calligrapher, everyday stationery designer, event planner or wedding professional, these stunning images sets will allow you to quickly overlay your work, giving you a seamless result!

new summer styled stock photography from the SC stockshop! Citrus colored images, lavender images, bright white images and buttercream yellow images for creative brands

What if you're not an invitation designer? Good news! These summer MaeMaexSC image collections also include classic SC Stockshop styled stock images with negative space, available in all four colorways!

Overlay text or your personal designs, use these images as to create a website banner or as homepage buttons. You can also use these negative space styled stock images for your blog, to create Pinterest graphics, in your shop and on social media! These stock images are the most versatile and the possibilities are endless! 

print styled stock for print designers

One of our most favorite additions to the 2018 MaeMaexSC Collections are these new 8x10 print stock options! We created this print styled stock option specifically for print designers, calligraphers, painters, and artists! Similar to the invitation suite mentioned above, these styled stock sets come with 8x10 paper styled in, an image without paper and a psd file containing smart objects! 

screen styled stock for content writers, web designers and creative business owners

Another versatile option in our summer stock collection are our stunning screen styled stock images! iPad and iPhone image options are both available and each set will also include the same image with negative space and no screen. 
If you're a graphic designer, blogger, podcaster, shop owner, or a creative who wants to advertise their new website, course, conference, ebook, etc - than screen styled stock images would be right for you! 
notecard styled stock photography for designers

Last but not least we want to introduce you to the summer notecard styled stock option! These images come with both a vertically styled and a horizontally styled A2 note card for overlaying your designs, as well as the same image with negative space. If you are a stationer, calligrapher, paper goods designer, artist or shop owner, than be sure to check these beauties out! 

We have loved the overwhelming response from our Spring 2018 MaeMaexSC launch and we cannot wait to hear what you think of our new summer colorways!

Will you choose Bright White, Lavender, Citrus, or Buttercream for your brand?



The SC Team

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