Steal our small business holiday marketing tips and rock your holiday sales

Get a piece of that holiday pie! Revenue pie, that is (fewer calories!).
According to a recent study by Deloitte, the 2019 holiday shopping season is expected to generate up to $149 billion in online sales from November – January! 
With a little preparation, the right visual marketing and strong incentives you will be on your way to capitalize on this. 
Here are 3 areas to optimize to ensure the highest conversions and best possible customer experience!

Seasonal Website Content They Need

This time of year can be extremely overwhelming for small business owners. We’re rushing to get our client work out on time, prepping our own businesses for the holidays and coordinating our own holiday gatherings with friends and families. It’s A LOT! Don’t miss the chance to speak about your experience and create seasonal content that will be timely, relatable and valuable to your customers. The content ideas are a lot closer to home than you might realize. 
Marketing Tip: Survey your community ASAP and ask what struggles they are facing or questions they have this season. Ensure you have relevant content on your site that speaks to this and solves your customer’s needs. Popular content topics during the holiday season include last-minute shopping ideas, gift guides, holiday recipes and local event guides. Find a way to make one of these content pieces useful and relevant to your niche.

Social Media that makes them feel loved

During the holiday, social is all about gratefulness, nurturing your community and spreading cheer. It’s the perfect place to create affinity towards your brand through warm holiday feels! It's also a great time to spread cheer through acts of generosity like posting a loaded Starbucks card to Insta that your followers can use!
Marketing Tip: Transition your content to have a holiday look and feel to start creating the perfect holiday ambiance. It’s not too early to start building excitement and anticipation towards your holiday sales and promos either so start talking about them. Give hints, sneak peeks and make the hype-building interactive through polls and countdowns.

Give them the VIP experience through Email

Email is still the most effective way to remarket to your customers and reengage inactive ones. Your customer’s inbox is a sacred place. Connect with them on a more personal level via email and humanize the experience.
Marketing Tip: Share behind-the-scenes from your holiday prep, how you’re getting ready for your big sale or promo or what you or your team are doing to celebrate the season. This is the perfect place to plug in something special just for them! Consider an additional discount or early access to your holiday sale.

We know these tips will get you started on the right foot. Right-click, download then print this calendar so you don’t miss the most notable online shopping dates of 2019:

We suggest selecting 3-5 coordinating holiday stock images that play well together to use across all of these platforms for a cohesive and professional look during the holiday shopping season! You can create all the visuals that you need to build that warm & fuzzy holiday feeling through the SC Stockshop Holiday Images



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