Instagram Challenge Day 1 of 5!

Instagram Challenge Day 1 of 5!

Anybody else love Instagram while also simultaneously being completely OVER IT with how much work it takes to keep up with the ever changing algorithms and inta-martial arts you have to participate in now just to get an image seen by your friends!? (Inset pulling out our hair emoji)

From @latermedia (formerly Latergramme):

"Indeed, the Instagram marketer of today has to be extremely diligent: Is the call-to-action in your caption strong enough? Did you use the right combination of hashtags? Are you posting at the best possible time? Is your Instagram feed attractive as a whole? Businesses are under more pressure than ever to create compelling content and engage with their followers in unique and creative ways."

My brain is cramping up just thinking about it.  We've been feeling a bit "stuck" over here ourselves and so we're challenging you to join us for the next 5 days in shaking things up and flexing our insta-muscles while zeroing in on some serious business strategy.  We're not talking "top hashtags to use" here. We're talking holistic business strategy and how it refocuses what we are sharing on our social platform so that we aren't just "gaining followers" but are creating a profitable business.  

Are you ready?

Day 1 Challenge: Ask an irresistible question.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how engaging are the questions you’re asking your audience on Social Media?

It’s OK, you can be honest. Even if that means the answer is “I don’t know!”

The truth is, all businesses want an engaged, loyal audience that is “talking” about (and interacting with) your brand.


So what’s the secret?


Well let me ask you an easier question. What’s the best way to get a random stranger at a party to talk to you?

Do you simply start telling them random inspirational quotes? Or do you just start talking about how many cups of coffee you’ve had so far that day?

No friend, you simply ask them an interesting question! Even better, you ask them their opinion on a certain topic.


People LOVE to share their opinions, whether in person or online.


And that is one secret to getting more engagement from your audience. Ask better questions.

Here’s an example of a “bad” question: “Who here loves to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee?”

This kind of question only leads to a yes or no type response, is generic in nature, and is kind of vanilla.
Or worse, if the question is too predictable it can begin to sound hypothetical, leading people to believe you don’t actually want them to answer at all.


Here’s a better one: “You’re stuck in a mountain cabin for a whole day and the power goes out (no devices or internet). What is one book you would wish you had on hand to read, and why?”



A little more intrigue, it gets people to think, it allows them to express something they care about, and it makes people curious to read the other responses.

All of this keeps your audience talking about and with you and your brand.

And more importantly, the secret to a profitable and thriving business is to always be asking your fans and customers questions. By becoming a student of your audience (through good question asking) you will learn what they want and need and will be able to deliver on a consistent basis.

In fact, your customers will start to think you can read their minds because you’ll know them so well!


So today the challenge is simple: come up with one truly engaging and irresistible question that you can ask your followers and share it on your social media platform of choice!


Don't worry if you don't get a ton of responses right away.  This is a practice in flexible better questions so that over time, your audience will learn that you really do want to engage in conversation with them!

Use the hashtag #SCgetsSocial as you complete each day's challenge so we can follow along and join the conversations that you start!

Join us back here on the blog tomorrow (or check our IG feed) for tomorrow's challenge!


*UPDATE: if you are just joining us, don't worry! You can find the complete challenge here on the blog!

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