The Work/Life “Balance” Series Part I: The truth about getting to it all

Grab the tissues and settle in because you and I are due for an Oprah moment and things are about to get real here in your inbox.


Like many of you, my road to building a successful business has had its share of hard lessons and dark seasons.  Last week on Instagram I shared a bit more of a really hard season of my story - missing out on the first year of my daughter’s lifewhile trying to build a business.


I was home, sure, but not fully present and I will never get that year back.


I wish I could say that what I sacrificed on the family side paid off in the form of a thriving business, but the truth is that I ended up shutting that business down just a few years later.  I was doing work that I didn’t love anymore out of fear of running out of money and owning a wedding photography business no longer worked for the season of life that I was entering as a mom.


I was exhausted, resentful, fearful and lost about how to own a business AND be a mom.


This was the starting point of what has been a 10 year journey toward finding balance (yes I actually DO believe in that word - more on that later) that would eventually lead me to where I am today running a multi-six figure business in 16 hours a week (still with its own share of blood, sweat and tears).


I’m going to guess that many of you can relate to more than one of the following:


  • Exhaustion 
  • Loss of priorities 
  • Working more than you want to
  • Trying to fit work in between caring for little ones and feeling the mom guilt 
  • Neglecting your own health and sleep 
  • Feeling overwhelmed and alone in your work
  • Fearful that boundaries will result in a loss of momentum 
  • Afraid of losing money or the business never getting off the ground 
  • A marriage that is suffering from lack of time and attention


I promise you I have felt every single one of those things...and still do sometimes! 


Over the next few days I am going to be opening up and sharing with you the framework that has enabled my husband and I (we both run our own businesses!) to find BALANCE (there - I said it again and I mean it!) in work and life so that both areas thrive.


You CAN own a profitable business and also have a healthy marriage, a healthy body, meaningful friendships, be present for parenting and get 8 hours of sleep! I’m dead serious. It’s not a gimmick - but it does take some grit to take ownership of your life.


And I think you can do it. I really do.


Over the next five days, we will walk through building a framework for thriving in both life and business.


For today, go read this Instagram post and leave me a comment if it resonates with you.  I want us to be on the same page that we ALL are just figuring this thing out and making lots of mistakes along the way.


Tomorrow we will start on the journey of getting things back on track - together.

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