The Work/Life “Balance” Series Part IV: Own Your Schedule

We’ve made a lot of progress in the past few days, haven't we?! 


On day one, you heard the truth behind the messy start to my own business.


Day two, we played Myth-Busters and tackled the idea of “balance” (hopefully I won you over to my side!) and you reestablished your priorities. 


Yesterday, we laid out your “non-negotiables” which are going to serve as “bumpers” to keep you on track!


Today, we will begin to get into the “nitty gritty” of learning to keep everything in its place.


Creatives are known for brushing up again boundaries, schedules and parameters so if that is your natural inclination then remember that in just the same way that having a budget gives you FREEDOM from worrying about where the money is going, a time budget (aka a schedule) gives you the FREEDOM to own what you choose to do with your time so that your business doesn’t own you.


The painful truth is that many of us are more willing to disappoint or neglect our spouse, kids or friends than disappoint a client.  


This is just really sad and when we aren’t honest about this propensity it too can wreak havoc on the relationships we care about.


But not anymore right?


Today you are going to create a schedule and own it.


The bottom line is that it is impossible to have work life balance without boundary lines in place.


Having boundaries feels especially hard during “startup” seasons of business but contrary to assumption, it does not necessarily get any easier as your business grows. As the business grows, so does the pressure to keep up momentum. If you are waiting for it to someday get easier to set work life boundaries...spoiler alert - it doesn’t. 


If you are married, you will need to decide with your spouse what work hours with serve you, your marriage, and your household best during THIS season of life.  


Whether you are working at 5am before the little ones wake up or 9-4pm while the kids are away at school matters less than finding a schedule that really works for your season of life. So many business owners set themselves up for failure because they don’t solidify this piece.


One of the most common things I hear is “I just love my work so much! There is no other way I want to spend my time!  I don’t even know what I would do with “off-days”


Friend. Consider that you might be in it too deep to even know what you are missing.  Let me challenge you with this…


Your greatest contribution in life is not your work.  Your greatest contribution is showing up and being fully present in the lives of the people you are surrounded with whether that is the people living under your roof or the checkout lady at the grocery store.




  1. How many hours will you work each day/week?
  2. When will those hours take place? 
  3. When is work off-limits?



We created an easy-to-follow worksheet to help you build your schedule. Get your freebie here:



Leave a comment below and share your new solidified office hours!!!


BONUS TASK: Put your work hours unapologetically in your e-mail autoresponder!

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