User Spotlight: How the brand Tidy Mango used SC Stockshop lifestyle stock images to build her visual brand

About a month ago we received an email from our friends at With Grace & Gold telling us about their client who was needing images for the website they were building for her brand. Kelly from With Grace & Gold shared that this client was building a business and she didn't have access to the professional images that she hoped would be the polishing touch for her branding. Kelly and Andra recommended the SC Stockshop and our Lifestyle Collection images as a solution (thanks friends!) and the client was thrilled with the results!

In Kelly's words, "Your work totally calmed her fears about not having professional photography as she starts her business journey - so thank you!!!"

We were so thrilled to hear this that we reached out to Jenna of Tidy Mango directly to get her take on using lifestyle styled stock to build her visual brand. Below is our interview with Jenna!

1. What type of work do you do?
Tidy Mango is a full service professional organization business helping people to organize where they live & love. These days, everyone is so go-go-go that organization becomes more of a dream rather than a priority. Clients seek out Tidy Mango to help create their dream space so they can live more intentionally and be surrounded with only what they need and love. 

2. Why did you choose these styled stock images?
I recently just launched a whole new brand and website for Tidy Mango. I was looking to have a brand appearance that strongly represented the level of luxury service and customer experience that Tidy Mango provides. I had strong content and a strong message but I was lacking all imagery to put the last big BANG on my website. I was working with the brand and web design company With Grace and Gold and they suggested images from Stockshop. The minute I saw the images, I knew I had to have them. Their simplicity, elegance,and luxurious feeling completely brought the perfect final touch to the design. Once they were added everything was simply lovely. 
3. How many images did you purchase?
I purchased 3 images for my website. But, I am totally signed up for the monthly image freebie's! I even utilized one of the images that was provided in June's email subscription for one of my blog posts. I just can't get over how beautiful ALL the images are. 
4. How many different ways did you use the images (i.e. homepage banner, buttons, contact page, etc)?
The images were featured in my home page, service page, contact page, and in a blog post.

5. How do you think the use of styled stock will affect the launch of your business/website?
The images brought my whole website together. Since Tidy Mango is a professional organization service, clients are dreaming of clean, bright, lovely spaces and that's exactly the feeling that these images portrayed. When clients visit they understand that they are going to experience a high-end luxurious organization service that not only makes their spaces more functional but also creates an organized space that reflects their style. 
Thank you so much Jenna for sharing your SC Stockshop experience! We hope that as a reader you feel encouraged and inspired by how with only 3 images Jenna was able to build out all of the imagery on her website! Take a peek at Jenna's site to see how everything came together and be sure to grab your own Lifestyle Collection images in the shop!


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