You want the freedom that comes from being your own boss.

The only thing standing between you and a profitable thriving business is your ability to convince your potential client to take notice of your brand.

The reality is that you can have an incredible product or service but if your online brand presence looks amateur its like handing them a Tiffany bracelet in a plastic grocery bag.

They are going to be confused at best and skeptical at worst.

In the first few years of building a business you wear ALL the hats and do #AllTheThings...and it can be exhausting.


How do you know what will really make a difference? For most small business owners, styling and shooting their own brand imagery is NOT the best use of their time and hiring your own commercial photographer is just not in the budget.


Shooting your own images, if you are not a stylist or photographer, can actually hurt your brand more then help (remember the Tiffany bracelet in the plastic grocery bag analogy?! Yikes)


I am a professional brand photographer with years of experience shooting for million dollar creative brands and I want to help YOU to not make the same branding mistakes that so many struggling small business make.

Along the way we are going to save you time and make your life WAY easier as a business owner.

Don't believe me? 

Here's what two Stockshop users had to say:

"My little print shop business doubled in revenue the first two weeks I used Shay’s images.”
“After using Shay's styled stock mug images It only took 5 hours for two of our mug designs to sell out!” 

Look, it's so easy!


Step 1: Take 5 minutes to assess your website and note areas that need improvement.

Is it a new website homepage banner?  More custom buttons on your site? Better images for your blog? Branding images for social media?  You can do a lot with just one styled stock images but most of our client find the sweet spot to be 3-5 coordinating images with a mix of horizontals and verticals.


Step 2: Start on our "Shop by Color" page.

Start by clicking on your primary brand color or colors to look for images in that color palette. Look for one or two main brand images and then a few more specific images that will help communicate your offering. 

  • Stationer? Find a few desktop images in your brand color palette to represent your overall brand and then grab a few images from our Mae Mae &Co Stationery line to show off your work to the world!
  • Web designer - consider an upright computer screen where you can show off your designs. 
  • Have a podcast?  Search for phones with blank screens to overlay your podcast landing page or search "microphone" in the search bar.  


Step 3: Crop, Customize and Upload your new images into your online brand!

Bring your new images into Photoshop or your program of choice and crop, overlay with text or product designs and begin loading variations of your new set of branding images across all touch-points of your brand!


Let's say your brand color palette looks like this:

The easiest way to begin your search for the perfect collection of images would be to use the Search by Color feature on our website:

SC Stockshop | Styled Stock Photography | Shop by Color

Now let’s say you want to consistently incorporate a cohesive set of images across your entire brand experience for the most impact. 

You might need:

  • A hero image for the homepage of your website
  • An image or two to use as custom site buttons or page headers on your site
  • Or a nice Facebook cover photo and a few images that you can use regularly on your blog and on social media.

We have already taken the guess work out by selecting a cohesive set of images with our Brand Builder image sets.

In this case, let’s say you select this image set:

This will provide you with a great starting point.

You can always come back to the shop and search again by color to find other images to fit your needs,
maybe a vertical styling for Pinterest or a lifestyle image with a tech screen for all of those blog or web related announcements.

Here’s where the fun begins.

Take a look at you could use this brand builder set across every client touch point of your brand, such as your website or shop site home page, the interior pages of your website, your blog features, facebook, instagram and so much more!

The possibilities are endless and every image in the SC Stockshop is shot at the highest resolution and attention to detail so that every part of the image can be zoomed into and cropped for a unique use! 

Below are a few examples of how you can use a single Brand Builder Image in a number of different ways, simply by zooming in and cropping different portions of the original image.

Still not sure how to use your new styled stock images?

And just in case you need help with some of the technical aspects of using your stock images, such as overlaying a product, here are a few tutorials that will help!

Are you ready to start transforming your brand with gorgeous professional styled stock photography?